From idea to realization

The "Universal Mobility" company under the associated brand "UNIMO Extras" launches the armrest for second row passengers of Tesla Model X with a 6-place cabin configuration


The development of convenient and practical transport is a fundamental principle of the "Universal Mobility" Company. Therefore, the activity of our team is not limited to only one program.

Recently the company has launched a new project. The owner of the Tesla Model X crossover has addressed to company experts. The car he owns meets almost all of his expectations, but there are no limits for perfection. An important component of comfort — the central armrest for the second row of passengers was missing. Its creation has become a new goal for us.



To develop a new interior component, specialists with extensive experience in the automotive industry and design were involved. In the development process, a design that is fully compatible with the vehicle's factory mounting systems was developed. We also selected materials that match the original ones. The whole process took several months, and the final result was appreciated by the customer and the team so much that the company decided to found a separate project in the field of vehicle refinement.

In just a couple of months, a few more prototypes of the armrest were created, documentation was developed for the entire process, the choice of different trim options of the armrest was added to convenient online ordering form.



А unique product that has no analogues was released for Tesla Model X under the UNIMO Extras brand. The armrest has several useful features. First of all, its appearance blends in with the general style of the car interior. Only quality materials are used in the manufacture of the armrest, which can be combined in the online configurator on our website. This allows ordering a product that fits the style of a particular car and meets the preferences of each customer. Besides additional comfort, the armrest from UNIMO Extras offers advanced functionality: the stand has built-in bottle holders, and wireless device charging module is optionally integrated at the top of the armrest.



Armrest designed by a UNIMO Extras team allows you to install it quickly, even without special skills and not compromising the integrity of the cabin. Everything necessary for the assembly is included in the installation kit.

Armrests from UNIMO Extras are already available to order and shipped worldwide.

UNIMO Extras — no limits for perfection!